My Unique Background

I have a doctoral degree in psychology, and had a long academic research career at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, and at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  I also did epidemiological research for the Army during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. 

In 2010, I became interested in a new career in the legal profession.  Even still, I never imagined I would find such a rewarding job, enabling so many people to revive their lives by getting disability benefits. 

After learning that a law degree is not needed to practice administrative law, I started by working for, and learned a great deal from, a lawyer whose sole practice is in this area of law.  After two years in this valuable apprenticeship, I passed the required SSA exam that demonstrated my thorough knowledge of effective Social Security disability representation. I was off and running in my new career!  
Jeffrey A. Hadley, EDPNA, PhD
EDPNA is the acronym for representatives who have earned the same priviledges as attornies, i.e., " eligilbe for direct pay non- attorney".
I established Winning Disability Cases, LLC in January 2012

As a non-attorney representative in my private practice, I give you the identical legal advantages as an attorney, and have helped hundreds of people obtain favorable decisions.

Further, I have a unique perspective and abilities rarely found in people with "only" a law degree. My doctoral training in psychology developed the analytical skills I will use to understand every aspect of your case, and have given me a great empathy and sensitivity to people suffering from mental and physical health issues.   

I feel a deep sense of responsibility and dedication to my  clients who have so much at stake, and thus work very hard on their behalf.