There is no fee unless you receive a favorable decision!

Why choose Winning Disability Cases, LLC
Simple. My extensive experience and legal knowledge gives you the very best chance of receiving the benefits you deserve. My representation has resulted in a favorable decision for hundreds of my former clients. 
A vast majority of people need to appeal two denials and then wait over a year for an administrative law hearing. I refuse to take this as inevitable, and work hard to get a favorable decision as soon as possible (e.g., by getting statements from your doctors that explain why you are unable to function on any job) !
I also have a doctorate in psychology, and thus I am especially able to help people who suffer from mental health impairments, not only to win their case, but also get through the long complicated process of obtaining disability benefits.

Jeffrey Hadley, EDPNA, PhD

Additionally, contrary to most law offices in which work on your case is primarily done by an assistant, I will do all the work on your case.  You will have convenient access to me via my online calendar , by simply picking a day/time that I will call you. This balances my busy schedule and my desire to be as accessible as possible to all clients.
Why you need legal representation
Whether you are disabled would seem to be simply understood as being unable to work due to a mental and/or physical impairment. However, whether you are legally entitled to Social Security disability benefits is not so straightforward. It instead requires my expertise in applying a complex framework of laws, rules and regulations to your particular situation, ensuring that you have as strong a case as possible.    
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I will take care of all the administrative steps on the road to winning your case. You can relax knowing that I will always "be there" in helping you apply for benefits, do any appeals, and if needed, represent you at a hearing in which a judge will decide your case. In preparation for any hearing, I will obtain your medical records, write legal briefs, and get additional supportive information from doctors.
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